Announcing a New Accounting Firm Focused on Serving Small Business Needs: HSRDS CPA

November 20, 2016 – Covina, CA – Relatively few accounts in the Covina area seek to focus on helping small businesses and startups, but that is exactly what new accounting firm HSRDS CPA seeks to offer. These experts, taken from top firms in the area, are looking to provide a new kind of accountancy service that makes big-business strategies available to newcomers.

HSRDS CPA will be able to help small businesses with a wide range of financial needs, including:

  • Cost analyses
  • Futures forecasting
  • Tax preparation
  • Tax strategies
  • COBRA, HIPAA, and other regulatory compliance
  • Financial statement review, preparation, and auditing
  • 401(k) and other benefits services
  • Employee time accrual systems
  • Valuation
  • Bookkeeping and auditing
  • Forensics and fraud analyses
  • Internal best practices compliance
  • Payroll calculation and preparation
  • Paperwork and reporting

Smaller businesses today are put at an increasing disadvantage, as regulations and tax burdens continue to grow in size and scope, while small-business owners have few ways to learn their legal requirements. HSRDS CPA was created as a counterweight, allowing such organizations to take advantage of decades of expertise in navigating bureaucratic mazes. The experts at HSRDS CPA want every small business owner to have the best possible chance at success.

With HSRDS CPA, smaller operations can now get the sort of high-powered financial advice that is necessary to compete with larger, established businesses. Few other small business accounting firms in Covina can match their long histories of excellence and expert service.


HSRDS CPA is a new venture, formed by a group of accounts and tax specialists collected from high-powered Covina-area practices. With experience going back to the 1970s, the professionals at HSRDS CPA have the expertise needed to help startups and small businesses navigate the increasingly-complicated modern business financial system.  By focusing on each client’s individual needs and plans, they can create the financial bedrock upon which future success is built.

For more information, please contact 1097  Park View De, Covina, CA

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