14 May, 2017

Covina, California, CPA Firm, HSRDS, Answers Frequently Asked Questions About CPAs

April 30, 2017 – Covina, CA – Few business partnerships can do more to improve both personal and commercial financial situations than to hire a Certified Public Accountant. However, many in the public are unaware of the range of experience and services a top CPA can provide. The Covina CPA...

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13 May, 2017

Covina, CA, Accounting Firm, HSRDS Urges Business to Use Professional Accountants for ERISA Filings

April 30, 2017 – Covina, CA –  HSRDS, who provide leading Covina, California, accountants, want to remind businesses everywhere that proper ERISA filings require detailed audits to be fully within compliance.

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12 May, 2017

Get Valuation Services from Covina, California, Professional Accounting Services Firm HSRDS

From personal ownings to large businesses, there are a wide variety of reasons a person or company might need valuation services in Covina – but when that time comes, you need them to be as thorough and accurate as possible.

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11 May, 2017

Why Choose HSRDS For Your Accounting & Tax Services in Covina

There are plenty of firms offering accounting & tax services in Covina.  Why choose HSRDS? Well, not all Certified Public Accountants are created equal. HSRDS was created through the merger of two existing high-profile firms, and combined, we offer one of the best rosters of financial experts in the...

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HSRDS, A Superior Provider of Accounting & Tax Services in Covina, Now Offers Full Auditing Services

March 15, 2017 – Covina, CA – Few financial requirements placed upon businesses can be more difficult or burdensome than that of employee benefit auditing under the ERISA. Estimates are that up to 40% of businesses improperly or misfile their benefit audits, not through any deliberate malice, but simply due...

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23 Mar, 2017

Why Outsource Your Payroll Services in Covina?

Payroll outsourcing is becoming increasingly common among businesses of all sizes – even in smaller companies. Some are surprised to learn this, but there are usually across-the-board benefits to outsourcing payroll and HR services, particularly as various laws and regulations governing HR continue to become more complicated.

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22 Mar, 2017

Spring Tax Season Is Upon Us… Is It Time to Partner with a Bookkeeping Company in Covina?

If you’re managing a smaller company that’s still doing their own tax filings, we have good news: There’s now a bookkeeping company in Covina that can bring all the tax-law and bookkeeping expertise that is normally reserved for larger enterprises to small businesses and startups as well!

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21 Mar, 2017

HSRDS Offers Superior Future-Focused Individual Tax Services in Covina

March 15, 2017 – Covina, CA – Tax season is here, and the HSRDS accountancy firm wants Californians to know that there is a new option in individual tax services in Covina that goes above and beyond.

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09 Mar, 2017

HSRDS Announces a Bold New Option in Small Business Accounting Firms

February 15, 2017 – Covina, CA – With so many new startup businesses being created every day, there is a significant need for powerful small business accounting firms and options which can help these new businesses grow and thrive.  HSRDS was formed to meet that need, combining the best financial experts...

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HSRDS: Unparalleled Accounting Services for Small Business

We are truly living in an age of entrepreneurs. More small businesses are being started up today than any other time on record, thanks to the opportunities afforded by globalization and the online world. It’s easier than ever for someone with a great idea or a grand dream to...

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