23 Mar, 2017

Why Outsource Your Payroll Services in Covina?

Payroll outsourcing is becoming increasingly common among businesses of all sizes – even in smaller companies. Some are surprised to learn this, but there are usually across-the-board benefits to outsourcing payroll and HR services, particularly as various laws and regulations governing HR continue to become more complicated.

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05 Oct, 2016

The Importance of Saving for Retirement at a Young Age

If you’re an adult in your 20s, you are entering an exciting stage of life. Whether you’ve just graduated from college or are starting a new career, you will encounter many opportunities and challenges as you create a life of your own. As busy as you are, it’s no...

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05 Sep, 2016

Estate and Gift Tax Planning Alert—Valuation Discounts in Family Transfers May Be Disappearing

The clock may be ticking on the ability to take valuation discounts when transferring ownership interests in privately held businesses to family members. After years of hinting that this change may be coming, the U.S. Treasury Department issued proposed regulations under Internal Revenue Code § 2704 on Aug. 2,...

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05 Aug, 2016

Safeguarding Taxpayer Data Update

HSRDS Protections Mirror IRS Recommendations Businesses and individuals that maintain, share, transmit, or store taxpayer data have a legal responsibility to have safeguards in place that protect client information. It is also essential to establish and maintain a data recovery plan in case of a breach or other unanticipated...

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