HSRDS, A Superior Provider of Accounting & Tax Services in Covina, Now Offers Full Auditing Services

March 15, 2017 – Covina, CA – Few financial requirements placed upon businesses can be more difficult or burdensome than that of employee benefit auditing under the ERISA. Estimates are that up to 40% of businesses improperly or misfile their benefit audits, not through any deliberate malice, but simply due to error. Such errors are extremely costly, and often lead to even more costly audits.

With tax season here, this is a matter of great concern to business owners across California.

Now, however, there is an alternative. The top new provider of accounting and tax services in Covina, HSRDS, also offers full auditing services as well. With over a decade’s experience, HSRDS understands the complexities of benefit auditing and can guarantee their clients accurate filings along with their taxes.

HSRDS is a member of the American Institute of CPAs Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, guaranteeing they adhere to the strictest quality -and confidentiality- standards when conducting benefit audits. Internal QC programs and audits help further guarantee strictest accuracy and professionalism in every audit they conduct.

Their extensive knowledge of tax strategy also allows HSRDS to work with their auditing clients to improve the functionality of their employee benefit programs, saving money while ensuring smooth operations for years to come.

Businesses which must file audits under ERISA should not take any chances. HSRDS is here to keep them fully compliant under the law. To learn more about accounting and tax services in Covina, contact HSRDS directly.

About HSRDS Accountancy Firm

Formed through the merger of two existing and well-respected CPA agencies in the Covina area – Montgomery, Niemeyer and Co and Forman, Richter and Ruben – HSRDS, CPA, is truly a different kind of accountancy firm. They have unparalleled experience under their roof, with extensive knowledge of bookkeeping and tax law for both large and small businesses. The result is an affordable CPA which can bring high-powered accountancy services to even small businesses and startups, allowing them to leverage their money for maximum value.

For press inquiries or to learn more, visit http://www.hsrdscpas.com or contact (626) 932-0100.

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