21 Mar, 2017

HSRDS Offers Superior Future-Focused Individual Tax Services in Covina

March 15, 2017 – Covina, CA – Tax season is here, and the HSRDS accountancy firm wants Californians to know that there is a new option in individual tax services in Covina that goes above and beyond.

HSRDS has extensive experience in all areas of both personal and corporate bookkeeping, giving them a superior knowledge of the intricacies of tax law. When preparing individual tax returns, they can make certain each client claims every deduction and credit which is owed, greatly reducing individual tax burdens in many cases.

HSRDS also places an emphasis on education and planning, so that individuals can practice proper tax strategy throughout the year. Smart planning of investments, purchases, and other common activities can pay off at year’s end with substantial additional savings on personal tax returns. However, it is extremely difficult for individuals to know how to exploit these strategies without having a superior CPA at their back.

HSRDS can also consult on matters such as estate planning, educational expenses, long-term care planning, and real estate management. They are a true all-in-one accountancy and bookkeeping service who can bring superior value to any individual looking to improve their tax outlook.

With a long history of success among all their partners, HSRDS is the new gold standard among individual tax services in Covina. Contact HSRDS directly for further information.

About HSRDS Accountancy Firm

When two accounting agencies decide to merge, it creates incredible new value for all their clients. This is exactly what happened when Montgomery, Niemeyer and Co. and Forman, Richter and Ruben decided to pool their considerable talents and long-time experience in the Covina area. The resulting firm has unparalleled expertise in both individual and corporate bookkeeping, and a knowledge base that allows them to help clients of all sizes leverage US tax law to their utmost benefit. Beyond simply preparing books and taxes, HSRDS brings top-notch advisory and planning services that create exceptional value.

For more information or press inquiries, visit http://www.hsrdscpas.com or call (626) 932-0100.

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