11 May, 2017

Why Choose HSRDS For Your Accounting & Tax Services in Covina

There are plenty of firms offering accounting & tax services in Covina.  Why choose HSRDS? Well, not all Certified Public Accountants are created equal. HSRDS was created through the merger of two existing high-profile firms, and combined, we offer one of the best rosters of financial experts in the...

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HSRDS, A Superior Provider of Accounting & Tax Services in Covina, Now Offers Full Auditing Services

March 15, 2017 – Covina, CA – Few financial requirements placed upon businesses can be more difficult or burdensome than that of employee benefit auditing under the ERISA. Estimates are that up to 40% of businesses improperly or misfile their benefit audits, not through any deliberate malice, but simply due...

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