Professional Valuation & Accounting Services

When value counts and when clear, concise, and supportable valuation services are needed, HSRDS provides the highest quality work product. Our valuation reports provide attorneys, accountants, and business owners with the highest level of expertise and credibility.
Whether the purpose of the valuation is for estate, gift, or income tax reporting purposes; defending and supporting value for clients before the IRS; or assisting attorneys in litigation matters, our knowledge and hands on, real world experience provides persuasive reasoning that supports our conclusions as to value.

Types of Ownership Interests Valued:

  • Limited and General Partnership
  • Managing and Non-Managing Member
  • Common and Preferred Stock
  • Tenants in Common, Joint Tenants, and Tenants by the Entirety interests in real estate

We can value:

  • Ownership interests in family limited partnerships and family limited liability companies
  • Real estate ownership interests
  • Private operating companies and related ownership interests
  • Interests in entities owning marketable securities
  • Private notes and loans receivable
  • Convertible debt and equity
  • Intangible assets including patents, royalties, claims, etc.

Why We Value:

  • Gift and estate tax reporting and planning
  • Litigation support
  • Matrimonial litigation
  • ESOP reporting
  • Shareholder/partner agreements and disputes
  • Financial and income tax reporting.
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • ASC 805/350 (Intangible Valuation and Goodwill Impairment)
  • SBA financing

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