11 May, 2017

Why Choose HSRDS For Your Accounting & Tax Services in Covina

There are plenty of firms offering accounting & tax services in Covina.  Why choose HSRDS?

Well, not all Certified Public Accountants are created equal. HSRDS was created through the merger of two existing high-profile firms, and combined, we offer one of the best rosters of financial experts in the area. Whether you’re a private individual, or representing a business of any size, we have a breadth and depth of experience that goes far beyond many of our competitors.

There are plenty of reasons we think a person would choose us.

Three Reasons HSRDS Stands Out Among Covina Accounting & Tax Services

  1. A Wide Range of Services

We don’t only handle tax preparation! Thanks to the variety of experts we have on staff, we provide a full range of financial services, including payroll, valuation, ERISA audits, forensic fraud analysis, and financial consulting on all applicable topics. We can be your one-stop-shop for financial service.

  1. Big Business Experience with An SMB Focus

Too often, it seems like the large businesses get advantages when it comes to tax and financial regulations that other, smaller organizations don’t receive. In truth, many of the same techniques and liability-cutting tactics that big businesses utilize are available to businesses of many sizes – but most SMB-focused CPAs aren’t experienced with them.  

Our wide range of expertise means we can narrow the gap between SMBs and large businesses, ensuring smaller groups have the same opportunities as the larger players.

  1. A Commitment to Customer Service

We dislike the stereotype of CPAs being cold and stuffy, and we’re here to change it. We’re hands-on with our clients, and we love having opportunities to explain better financial planning or tax strategy. If you want to just hand over your documentation and leave everything to us, we can do that… but we’d prefer to work with you so that you understand your own financials and tax situation.  

In fact, if you look through our testimonials, you’ll see just how often our customer focus comes up. We’re the Covina CPA who’s always available to talk about your situation.

Going Further With HSRDS

No matter the size of your finances or organization, we’re committed to seeing you achieve the best possible financial situation, backed by solid planning for the future. To learn more about how we do things a little differently at HSRDS, contact us today.

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