Payroll Services

Q: Are you aware of the State and Federal Payroll and Human Resource requirements you are obligated to follow when having employees?
Q: Are you tired of paying Payroll tax penalties due to complicated payroll tax deposit laws?
Q: Are you worried about your Payroll tax returns being filed accurately and timely?
Q: Do you spend hours on your company’s Payroll and HR when you should be running your company?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, HSRDS payroll & HR services could be the solution to your needs.

Payroll & HR Services

HSRDS Accountancy Firm can provide payroll solutions to meet your needs, whether a small business or large corporation. HSRDS understands that your payroll is extremely important and our staff of payroll professionals will provide a service that is accurate and timely. HSRDS will keep you informed of all law changes and any other information related to your human resource and payroll situation.
HSRDS Accountancy Firm can offer you the following payroll and human resource solutions:

  • Prepare and process payroll checks
  • Process payroll tax deposits electronically – EFPTS
  • Prepare Quarterly and Annual Payroll returns
  • Prepare Forms W-2 and 1099 at year-end
  • Government reporting compliance – i.e. OSHA, EEO-1, 1-9
  • Ensure COBRA and HIPAA compliance
  • Track training requirements to maintain employee certifications
  • Set-up training classes, schedule attendance and manage class rosters
  • Benefit Plan enrollment and monitoring of progress
  • Comparison of various benefit election options
  • Prepare a customized Personnel Policy Manual
  • Prepare performance evaluation worksheets
  • Accrue and track time-off plans for employees, such as vacation, sick, personal leave, etc.
  • Track leaves of absences covered by FMLA
  • Comprehensive reporting options
  • Employee Benefit Statement

Bookkeeping Services

HSRDS Accountancy Firm has an extremely experienced bookkeeping staff that can provide your company with the following services:

  • Accounts Payable—Bill process and manual checks
  • Bank Reconciliations—Prepare at month end
  • Accounts Receivable—Prepare billings and record deposits

Our staff is trained on a variety of accounting software.

Group Medical

Health care is a major concern for any individual no matter how old he or she may be. A company that provides a health care plan to their employees is providing an invaluable benefit.
HSRDS Financial has partnered with a Group Medical Specialist to provide Group Medical Insurance. Working with our Group Medical Specialist does not cost the employer anything and can make a world of difference between creating and servicing a viable plan that meets your needs and one that does not cost too much for what you get. We are highly skilled in understanding your business needs and then providing affordable solutions and alternatives. We are very service orientated by actively handling claims, annual renewals and looking for new solutions and ways to keep your costs consistent each year. Our overall goal is to provide value for your Group Medical Insurance Plan.

401(k) Plan

Q: Do you understand the fiduciary liability laws as they relate to 401(k) employer sponsors?
401(k) Plan Services include:

  • Plan design tailored to meet the goals of the plan
  • Implementation to get the plan into place
  • Recordkeeping and Administration

A successful retirement plan requires professional guidance from a Financial Advisor. Our value added services benefit both the employer as well as the employee.

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